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Technician weighing pills
Technician weighing pills
Hip implant


Because Lives Matter, Precision Matters

We know lives depend on your products. For you, for patients, and for us, close enough is not good enough.

Hip implant

Begin with Clean, End with Quality

Our cleanroom meets class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) requirements where we offer numerous services, including cleaning, and packaging of medical devices and parts.

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Hand Deburring

Stringent Quality Controls For Critical Health Finishing

We use various deburring processes and sometimes a combination to produce precision medical parts, implants, and devices. Our engineers work with you to understand your technical requirements for finishing metal and plastic components.

Deburring and deflashing services for medical products

The End of the Endless Journey

Often meticulous cleaning of medical parts follows our deburring and deflashing services. Your parts remain in-house for all production. That saves you from shipping elsewhere for additional work.

Cleaning and polishing services for medical finishing

Particle Inspection, Medical

Precision Certified and Delivered

We back up our commitment to quality and inspire your trust by earning and maintaining reputable industry certifications.

Nadcap Administered by PRI Accredited
ISO 9001:2015
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NSSF - The Firearm Industry Trade Association
NADCA - North American Die Casting Association
MPMA - Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association


Finished Means Finished. Done

We eliminate the need for your parts to go elsewhere.

A conveyor belt carrying unfinished parts through a box with the Arrow Cryogenics logo, and when after the parts pass through, they are deburred and clean.