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Defining Our Path

Our first customer defined the future of Arrow Finishing. We performed precision finishing on a medical component when other companies walked away from the opportunity.

That determination and work ethic continues today.

We expanded our services to include deflashing, deburring, and finishing metal, plastic, and rubber components. Our other services include laser marking, anodizing, and more. We say finished means finished because work begins and ends right here in Blaine, Minn.

The commitment to end-to-end service and quality is the reason Arrow Finishing is among the largest finishing operations in the United States.

Everything we do is about saving time and money for our customers. We eliminate the need to send your parts elsewhere.

Delivering Precision and

We’ve gotten here on a straight and narrow path. That means we never settle for “close enough” and never cut corners. Ever.

The Arrow Finishing team knows your product can fail with a single flaw. It is no stretch that businesses depend on us, and lives depend on us. Failure is not an option.

The longevity and loyalty of our employees help ensure we always deliver the highest quality work and, ultimately, succeed as a business. We are continually grateful for the skill and experience they bring to our projects and our customers.

As one of the most versatile finishing shops in America, Arrow Finishing’s state-of-the-art facility has a proven track record of tackling tough jobs for clients nationwide and delivering the best possible results.

“A sale is not a commission–it is an investment in that customer and the future.”

— Steve DeMotts, CEO and Founder

Server room

Leaders, Not Followers

At Arrow Finishing, we’ve customized our equipment, invented new processes, and mastered the art and science of quickly turning your components into perfectly finished, top-quality parts.

We’re ready for any unique project.

We’re passionate and dedicated to continuous improvement.

Defining Success

The real quality measure rests on the satisfaction of our customers and employees. That’s so much more than measuring microns.

We know we’ve done our job when nobody hears about it.

Automotive assembly line


Finished Means Finished. Done

We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible.

A conveyor belt carrying unfinished parts through a box with the Arrow Cryogenics logo, and when after the parts pass through, they are deburred and clean.