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Deburring + DEflashing

We offer numerous deburring finishing services, all performed in-house, because we know producing optimal quality on your part means choosing the right process.

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Mechanical or Manual for The Right Finish

We help you determine the deburring process that will deliver results that meet your specifications. From tumble and thermal deburring to hand deburring under a microscope, we have the skills and the tools.



Deburring removes burrs from machined plastic, metal, and rubber parts to produce a smoother, high-quality finish. This process makes parts safer and easier to handle during assembly.

Yes, We offer Precision Hand Deburring that includes piece by piece inspection of each part.

Deburring is used to finish a variety of machined parts such as:

  • Medical implants, surgical tools, and devices
  • O-rings & gaskets
  • Grommets and flexible boots
  • Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins
  • Manifolds and valve blocks
  • Gears, washers, and fittings

Our full spectrum of Deburring Services including Media Blasting and Deflashing methods will give you the options to get the exact finish you require.

Additional benefits of using cryogenically deburring include:

  • Non-abrasive method of removing burrs
  • Computer-controlled for a high level of consistency and accuracy
  • Efficient and economical
  • Leaves little to no dust or residue on parts
  • Ideal for large and small parts
  • Maintains part geometry and critical tolerances

The use of cryogenic temperatures allows for precise removal of flash from materials including:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Polymers
  • Elastomers
  • Rubber
  • Aluminum die castings


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We look beyond today to increase efficiency and serve your business.

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Learn about Medical

We finish your materials within tight tolerances to meet exacting quality and regulatory demands.

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Learn about Military

Defense contractors rely on our anodizing, laser-marking, descaling, and other services to meet military specifications.

Aerospace technician with a turbine engine


Learn about Aerospace

We offer a range of finishing services for aerospace components and maintain NADCAP certification


Precision Manufacturing

Learn about Precision Manufacturing

CNC manufacturers rely on our services to complete final finishing.

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Learn about Pharmaceutical

We innovate processes in the science and art of finishing precision-engineered pharmaceutical components.

Water treatment facility

Water Purification

Learn about Water Purification

Our services for finishing water-system components include cryogenic deflashing, passivation, and laser marking.

Automotive factory


Learn about Automotive

Our precision capabilities handle high-volume jobs for automotive OEMs.

Server room


Learn about Computing

We offer anodizing and laser marking of components and enclosures for computers and audio equipment.

Technician soldering components


Learn about Electronics

Our finishing services meet critical tolerances for metal and plastic parts made for consumer electronics.

Food service conveyor

Food Service

Learn about Food Service

Our cleaning and finishing services meet strict regulatory requirements while enhancing performance and longevity.

Hydraulic machines


Learn about Hydraulics

Our deburring, deflashing, and other services optimize the operating life of hydraulic equipment.



Learn about Firearms

Our suite of capabilities delivers precise results producing the highest quality finishes.

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We eliminate the need for your parts to go elsewhere.

A conveyor belt carrying unfinished parts through a box with the Arrow Cryogenics logo, and when after the parts pass through, they are deburred and clean.