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Vapor Degreasing

We heat chlorinated or fluorinated solvents into a pure vapor within an enclosed chamber to achieve complete degreasing. The vapor condenses on the cooler parts, then drips away with the targeted oils and contaminants.

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Penetrating For Deep Cleans

The vaporized solvents reach recessed areas, making it one of the most thorough degreasing methods for machined parts. The process quickly removes machining oils, cutting fluids, flux, and more.

Common Applications of Vapor Degreasing

  • Remove oil and other solvent-soluble contaminants
  • Penetrate blind holes, cracks, recesses, etc.
  • Prepare surfaces for finishing painting or welding
  • Clean materials that may be damaged by cleaning with water
  • Clean inserts before molding
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Oil and contaminants create particular problems, and even safety concerns, for many industries. Our vapor degreasing services produce superior results without the need for manual cleaning or scrubbing.


Common Industries that Use Degreasing Services


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The vapor-degreasing process involves heating solvents into vapor within an enclosed chamber that condenses on cooler parts before dripping away with grease and grime.

Vapor degreasing offers benefits beyond thoroughly removing oil and contaminants. Those benefits include:

  • Not dependent on differing operator skills
  • No manual cleaning
  • Penetrate blind holes, cracks, recesses, etc.
  • No extra drying
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Reusable cleaning solvents

Many industries rely on the degreasing of parts and components. The most common include automotive, aviation and aerospace, medical, electronics and computers, hydraulics, firearms, and defense.

Arrow vapor degreasing services are great for:

  • Thoroughly removing oil, and other solvent-soluble contaminants
  • Penetrating blind holes, cracks, recesses, etc. for perfect precision parts cleaning
  • Preparing part surfaces for finishing processes such as painting and welding
  • Cleaning components that may be damaged by cleaning with water
  • Cleaning inserts prior to being molded into material


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We finish your materials within tight tolerances to meet exacting quality and regulatory demands.

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