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We need a drawing with dimensions, what material it is, part number you are using on your PO , if it’s different from the drawing.

Please provide us with relevant information about how the parts are handled and packaged. If the parts arrive on layers with cardboard separators there will be much less handling, then parts wrapped in foam individually or individually bagged.

The more information you provide us on the initial RFQ the less emails back and forth. Feel free to call sales after submitting your RFQ to go over the fine details, this is also helpful.

We need the part number quoted to match our quote, if it does not, please contact sales to adjust it. We also like to see our quote number referenced on the PO for accuracy. We need the qty, type of material on the PO, services requested (some quotes may have multiple line items, make sure you have the ones you want on your PO) , Ship Via, how are we shipping parts back.

Work with your sales rep to get you the new customer forms, fill those out and submit. Arrow will run a credit check and get all the responsible parties documented. All new customers will be set as C.O.D. until terms are established.