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Precision Tube Enhancement

This comprehensive process ensures your tubes are polished to perfection, both inside and out, delivering unmatched smoothness and shine. Whether you’re looking for enhanced performance or aesthetic excellence, our service is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Transform Inside and Out: Precision Smoothing and Polishing for Maximum Performance.

Double the Finish, Double the Excellence.

1. Abrasive Flow Machining (ID):

Our AFM process meticulously smooths the inside dimensions (ID) of your tubes, eliminating imperfections and preparing the surface for the ultimate polish.

2. Electropolishing (ID):

Following the smoothing process, our electropolishing technique brings the inner surface to a gleaming finish, enhancing both appearance and functionality.

3. Sanding (OD):

Turning our attention to the outside dimensions (OD), we use precision sanding to create a uniform surface that’s ready for polishing.

4. Electropolishing (OD):

Finally, we apply our electropolishing process to the outer surface, achieving a brilliant shine.


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