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Our Top Military & Defense Supplier Services

We offer a wide selection of finishing services for metal and plastic parts and equipment for the military and defense industry.


Many types of metal details


Our on-site passivation process for stainless steel improves corrosion resistance and removes foreign particulates, leaving the surface clean without changing its appearance.

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Our electropolishing process removes impurities, imperfections, and burrs from the surface of metal objects, replacing traditional mechanical polishing or buffing.

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Aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms a plain metal surface into an engaging exterior that provides both advanced corrosion-resistance and durability.
We apply colored dyes after aluminum anodizing. The parts undergo sealing to reduce color fading.

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We use abrasive blasting on metals and plastics to achieve a range of results. The inexpensive process avoids the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, we use various media with air blasting to achieve results.

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Aircraft parts group


On projects large or small, we use abrasive flow machining (AFM) for deburring and polishing any size parts with intricate or complex internal shapes. We use various media and precise flow rates to produce the results that meet your technical specifications. The process handles various parts requiring simultaneous machining, deburring, and polishing.

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Our high-heat thermal deburring solves the problem of deburring parts with recessed or impossible-to-reach areas, in addition to burning off burrs on external surfaces.

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Adding durable bar codes, 2-D/QR codes, tracking numbers, logos, and more to customize and enhances your components. Suitable for many substrates, laser engraving produces marking and coding with high wear resistance on metals, glass, plastic, and acrylic. We preform various types of laser marking.

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Vaporized solvents reach recessed areas, making it one of the most thorough degreasing methods for machined parts. Removing machining oils, cutting fluids, flux, dirt, dust, grease, carbon deposits and more from your components.

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